Be the 1st to Buy a Registered Chinese Driving License Without practical test

Be the 1st to Buy a Registered Chinese Driving License Without practical test

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I Getting a Chinese driving license is more than just a convenience. It’s also a sign of empowerment and independence. Chinese licenses are unique, with different categories for various vehicles. The C1 category, which is the most common, allows drivers to drive small cars or sedans. There are also other categories for different vehicles and their requirements.

The C2 licence is for motorcycles only, whereas the C3 is for light trucks. There are also categories for vehicles that have specialized features, such as tractors, buses, or even three-wheeled vehicles. In order to be eligible for a specific category, individuals must pass both theoretical as well as practical exams. 

This ensures that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate the vehicle. This comprehensive system promotes road security and allows drivers to adapt their driving to the varied transportation needs of such a large country as China. If you find yourself in China, and are considering obtaining a driving license, be sure to look at the various categories and select the one that best suits your needs.CONTACT US NOW TO GET YOUR VALID CHINESE DRIVING LICENSE WITH EASE


Chinese Driving License

Eligibility of acquiring a chinese driving license and its vality period

Chinese driving licence can be an asset to both Chinese residents and expatriates. The criteria for obtaining your Chinese driving licence will vary depending on where you live. Individuals must generally be 18 years of age and have a valid residency permit.

For example, foreigners may be required to submit additional documentation, such as a passport valid, a visa valid or residence permit valid, a translation of the driving license from their home country. Some provinces and cities require that applicants pass both a written test and a practical driving test. A Chinese driving licence is valid for about six years.

Expatriates, however, may be required to renew their driving licenses more often due to the expiration of their residence permits. You should check with your local traffic authority for information about the eligibility requirements and validity period of Chinese driving licences in your area.