Buy real and fake Danish driving license online

Buy real and fake Danish driving license online

Wondering how stressful it is to get your previous Danish driving license? There are many driving schools in Copenhagen where you can get your driving license. There are some regulatory requirements for the training you need. A course consists of driving theory lessons and a theory test that you have to pass, and driving lessons and a driving test that you have to pass.
The driving license for category A + B is valid for 15 years, while the driving license for category C + D and commercial license are valid for 5 years if they were issued after January 19, 2013. If the driving license was issued before this date, it will be valid until the day you turn 70. Category C + D is usually valid until the day you turn 50.
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How to exchange foreign driving license for Danish driving license

If you establish your habitual residence in Denmark, in some cases you will need to exchange your foreign driving license for a Danish driving license.
Habitual residence means that you have personal or professional ties to Denmark, i.e. you spend at least 185 days in Denmark in a calendar year. Habitual residence in Denmark is established from the date of moving to this country in order to establish habitual residence in Denmark.
You need to contact one of the municipalities in Denmark to exchange your foreign driver’s license for a Danish driver’s license. We are here to solve this

Can foreign driving licenses be used in Denmark?

Persons who are not ordinarily resident in Denmark may drive a motor vehicle in this country if they hold one of the types of driving licenses referred to in section 116 (1) of the Executive Order on driving licenses (kørekortbekendtgørelsen), including driving licenses issued in -an EU member state or in an EEA country.
The rules for driving in Denmark on a foreign driving license are set out in sections 114-128 of the Executive Order on driving license. More information about foreign driving licenses can be found on the website of the Danish Road Safety Agency.