Buy Fake and Real ID Card In Europe, Electronic ID Card

 Buy Fake and Real ID Card In Europe, Electronic ID Card

National identification cards are issued to citizens of the EEA member states by their respective governments for the purposes of identification and proof of citizenship.

But most of the times the Government issued ID Cards comes of short of what you want such as you can’t get into the bar when you’re under a certain age, you’re not a citizen or you just want some Identity change, the process of getting an ID Card is too difficult. With our vast network of documents dealers we will produce and hand you an ID Card in a matter of days whether you want a fake driver’s license or a real one we have you covered and this is done completely online with full anonymity for our clients.

Benefits of buying an EEA member country ID Card

When you apply for an ID-card or buy one you are getting the citizenship of that country this gives you all the privilege offered to the citizens of that country. We produce ID-cards of all the EEA member states which can be used for identification, proof of citizenship and travel document in the EEA and Switzerland exercising your right of freedom of movement in the EEA as a citizen of an EEA member state.

To buy a real or fake ID-card from us you do not need any specific requirements since we use your data to register you in the database making you an automatic citizen with our easy and simple ID-card services process.

When you buy a real or fake ID-card of an EEA member state from myeuropeandocs you are in effect buying the citizenship of that country.

Buy Norwegian ID Cards

Real ID-Card

Our real ID-cards contains all the necessary features, look and feel of the ID-cards offered by the EEA member state. These features are used to identify you when it is checked by the security. Which includes.

  1. Materials : The card is made entirely of a synthetic substrate.
  2. Biographical data: The data on the card contain at least: name, birth date, nationality, a photo, signature, card number, and end date of validity.
  3. Machine readable data: the data found on or encrypted in you ID-card can be read by the machine
  4. Electronic identity: you can use your ID-card electronically and it’s still valid.


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