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Where to buy Registered Driving license (Real)

With our buy registered driving license service, you can buy a registered driver’s license without the need to pass a driving exam, you just need to be able to drive to buy your driver’s license from us.

For more than a decade now we have been providing our clients across Europe most especially in the EU with driver’s license they can use to drive without ever worrying about a driving license check as their driving license information is always registered into the system by our partners who are anonymous and are often employees of the driving license office in the issuing jurisdictions or employees at driving schools.

Our driving license service has also expanded to include non European countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

When you buy your driver’s license from us you do not need to worry about ever getting in trouble with the law as we make sure that all driver’s license we produce and issue are the same as those issued on a successful completion of a driving license exam with the added benefit that you do not need to spend your time, effort or money going through the bureaucratic process of getting a driver’s license which often take months to complete.

What makes your driving license real and registered?


All driver’s license bought from us are real and are also registered into the national system of each country.

The first step in producing your driving permit is to register your information into  the national database, an example is when you buy a German driver’s license your driving information will be registered into the Central Register of Driving Licences (ZFER) which is managed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority(KBA).

As mentioned above we work with anonymous partners who are driving offices employees, driving instructors and a few driving schools to register your driver’s license and to make sure your driver’s license appears legit.

only after your driver’s license registration is completed will we start production of the driving license Card itself which is produced to meet all security features.

Security features on your driving license include Hologram, optical variable ink, Polycarbonate, Patterns and more.

Buy fake driver's license

For those who do not intend to use their driver’s license for purposes that may get their drivers license checked you can buy the more cheaper fake driver’s license which is not registered into the system.

The fake driver’s license is of the same physical quality as the registered driver’s license, however your driver’s license will not be registered into the system, even though we do not advice our clients to buy the fake driving license, the fake driving license has it’s own use cases and benefits:

  • The fake driving license is cheaper, fast and easy to produce with a production of of just a day.
  • The fake driver’s license can be used with no worries of a check in rural areas as it is able to pass any security feature or quality checks however if your driving information is checked on the system it will fail.
  • The fake driver’s license can be used as and identity document, to register for government sponsored programs, and also can be used to verify your Identity online(KYC) or Know your customer.
  • There are other reasons to buy or use a fake driving license such as buying alcohol and drugs from stores and pharmacies, driving anonymously and more.

Why buy your driving license from us?

Driver’s license are very important documents and a must have especially when you own a car and hoping to drive one day. For so many people it is a challenge to get a driver’s license especially in the EU where getting a driver’s license has been made extremely difficult by including so much bureaucracy making you and many others unable to drive while the elites are able to bypass the same bureaucratic systems they put in place.

With our buy driver’s license production service anyone can buy either a real and registered driving license or a fake driving license without passing the driving license exams or a medical test, you can also get your driver’s license suspension status removed.

  • Reliability

    Our Service is the best and most reliable document producing provider in Europe as we are constantly improving and forming new relationships with employees at driving license offices, driving schools and other sectors involve in the regulation of your driver's license to make sure when we produce and issue you with a driver's license, it is a real as those issued on a completion of the driving license exams except in your case there will be no exams or bureaucratic requirement to be met. We also ensure the relationships we make with our customers are good for that referrer to keep coming in. You can leave a review of our driving license service.

  • Fast

    It takes us only a day to produce the fake driver's license and just 3 days for the registered driver's license. With us you can buy a driver's license and get it as fast as possible all you need to do is to let us know it is urgent and the process will be expedited for you. for urgent driver's license even the registered driver's license will be produced and registered within a day or two.

  • Anonymous and secure

    All driver's license offered by us are anonymous we do not keep our clients information once you have confirmed you received your driver's license, all your information will be removed from our systems even our partners remain anonymous in order to protect everyone involved.

I Am an immigrant in Sweden and it was very difficult trying to get my driver's license the usual way, You guys have helped me a lot with the help of the driver's license I bought from you 4 days ago I have been able to get a job at a local plumbing company and I am able to work, A driver's license was one of the requirements for my employment. You did not just help me to be able to drive you also helped me get a job. I am so grateful to you and your services. KEEP IT UP

Jude Ole

Jude Ole


Initially I was skeptical about buying a driver's license since I had heard of so many people getting scammed when they tried buying a driver's license, however after many attempts of getting my driver's license the usual way failed I decided to try your service and I was amazed at how fast I get my driver's license. I am happy to inform you that I have been stopped twice, my driver's license checked and with no issues. during the first checked I was scared now I know my driver's license is valid and I can Use it legally anywhere. Driving the streets of Germany I feel so Good. Thanks to you Guys.

Eleo Ifoe

Eleo Ifoe


I just moved to the UK a month ago before finding out that to exchange my south African driver's license I will have to pass both the theory and practical test, I tried it once but I failed the Practical got frustrated before a friend recommended the easy way was to buy my UK driver's license from You guys that was the best recommendation I have ever gotten. I got my registered driver's license in Just 3 days it felt like a miracle.

Melani Folde

Melani Folde

convenient store manager

Alert ⚠ Buy deriving license Scams

There a so many Scam website posing to be services like ours when trying to buy a driver’s license you should be careful not to get Scammed read the website content extensively and if there is anything that does not make sense to you then do not send your money to anybody.


FAQ about buy driver's license

Can I Buy a driving license?

You can buy a fully registered driver’s license for countries in Europe especially countries in the EU where it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their driver’s license the Usual way.

Buying a driver’s license is recommended if you are finding it difficult to pass the driving exams, exchange your driver’s license, your driver’s license is suspended, you already know how to drive, and other reasons.

When you buy a registered driver’s license from us, your driving information will be registered onto the national registry for driving license and your driving license card will be produces to have all security features and physical quality as those issued on a completion of a driving exams. an example is when you buy a German driver’s license your driving information will be registered into the Central Register of Driving Licences (ZFER) which is managed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority(KBA).

This makes your driver’s license real and legal to use as it will be able to pass every security checks and also when your information is checked in the system it will pass the check as your driving information is registered.

Can I drive with the Fake driving license?

YES! you can drive with the fake driver’s license, however since the fake driver’s license will fail if it is checked on the system for your driving information we recommend that you buy the registered driver’s license instead so as to avoid getting into trouble when driving.

What are the countries Where I can Buy a driver's license?

From us, you can buy driver’s license for all countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina.

Do I nedd to be able to drive to Buy a driver's license?

We require all our clients to be able to drive however there is no way we can currently verify whether our clients can drive. It is highly recommended that you get a few driving lessons from a friend or family member to learn how to drive before you buy a driving license from us.

How to buy a driver's license?

To buy your driver’s license from us all you need to do is to contact us and state that you need a driver’s license whether a registered or a fake driving license.

We will then provide you with the information required to produce and register your driver’s license along with how you can get them.

After you have provided us with all information required you will need to make an advance payment, then the production of your driving license will start.

on completion a proof of your driver’s license will be shown to you then you will complete the payment before your driving license will be shipped to your address.