What if you could buy a drivers license without any requirements to complete a medical test or driving training and passing a theory and practical test?

Now you are able to buy Registered or fake documents such as Drivers license, Passports, Visas, ID Cards and Residence Permit for all countries in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, and New Zealand.

Buy German driver’s

Buy drivers license

Buy driving license without any requirements to pass a medical test, driving training, or pass the Theory and practical exams.

To buy a Registered or fake drivers license from us all you will need to provide are your information no other requirements.

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Buy ID Cards

Buy ID Cards for any country in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more.

You can buy a Registered or Fake ID Card from us. We require you to provide only your personal information that we will us to register your ID Card in case of a Registered ID Card.

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Buy Residence Permits

Do you want to make your residence in any European country permanent? 

If yes then tis is our solution for you, You can Buy a Fake or Registered biometric residence permit from us with all security features present.

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Buy Biometric passports

Buy biometric passports of powerful European countries and America that gives you access to many Visa Free and Visa on Arrival countries.

You can also Buy and use EU(European Union) Member country Passports to use and travel all around EU and the EEA without any other identification.

To buy a Real or Fake biometric passport from us all you will need to provide are your information and biometric data in case of a Real biometric passport.

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Buy Travel Visas

Buy Visa for any travel requirements, we produce sticker visas for any category and all you will need to do is stick it on your passport and you are good to go.

We produce almost any type of visas which include Work Visas, Vacation Visas, Students Visas, Immigration Visas.

In some occasions we may need your information for digital Visas.

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Why Choose Us


We have been producing and supplying drivers license, Passports, ID Cards and Visas to our customers around the Globe especially in Europe for more than a Decade, With our diplomatic connections and connections to documents issuing bodies in over 113 countries we are able to register our clients documents into national databases provided they want a real or registered version of a document.

Fast Delivery

Getting your documents through then normal process is often time consuming and may even take as long as a year to get, but when you buy these same documents from us we often deliver between 3 to 5 business days, this is way fast than any other way you can think of getting your documents.


We always deliver the best quality document the market has to offer, With the best equipment and technology your documents are always produced to meet every security features before our associates in each country register your information to the national database.

We have never gotten a bad review from a client before and we hope to continue that way.

Best Documents experts and associates

We work with the most experienced documents experts know around the world for producing documents that can not be identified as fake, in fact we call these the real documents and those issued by authorities it’s photocopy.


For more than 4 months I could not drive because my German drivers license was suspended for some repeated minor traffic violations and after trying numerous times to get it, including going through the MPU test I failed so I decided to buy a new drivers license from myeuropeandocs, they deliver in 3 days and I have been driving for 1 month now
Eric. D
Originally I am from Iran, I moved to France 1 year ago and even though I work for more than 10 hours a day I still can not get enough money so I decided to apply for a work permit which was denied then I tried the myeuropeandocs document service, now I work full time and less hour earning more money with my work permit produced by myeuropeandocs.

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