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We offer high quality real passport, both then biometric and traditional passport  for all countries in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Our Real Biometric passports Contain a microchip which store your information and ready to be checked at airports. This make your passport completely Identical to the ones issued by your country and it cannot be detected.

This is the easiest and most reliable way to get a passport without having to go through any form of application process which can be time consuming for many.

The Real passports is more expensive than the fake one. Never the less this option comes with no Risk that’s why we advice our clients take the Real passports instead.


There are
several types of European passports, each belonging to a specific
country within the European Union. Here are some examples:



Regular Passport: This is the standard passport issued to citizens of
European Union member countries. It allows for travel within the EU and
to certain other countries without the need for a visa.



Diplomatic Passport: This type of passport is issued to diplomats and
government officials who represent their country abroad. It grants them
certain privileges and immunities while traveling.



Official Passport: Similar to a diplomatic passport, an official
passport is issued to government officials who are not diplomats. It is
used for official business and travel.



Temporary Passport: This type of passport is issued in emergency
situations when a citizen needs to travel urgently but does not have a
valid passport. It is usually valid for a limited period of time and has
certain restrictions.



Refugee Travel Document: This document is issued to individuals who
have been granted refugee status in a European Union country. It allows
them to travel internationally.



Seaman’s Book: This document is issued to individuals working on ships
or in the maritime industry. It serves as a form of identification and
allows for travel to different ports.



are just a few examples of the types of European passports. Each
country may have its own specific variations and requirements for
obtaining them.

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Fake Passports

We offer Fake Passports for people from any country in the world you just have to contact us.

Our Passports does not Contain a microchip and your information will not be registered in a database, because of this your passport will be detected as fake when passing through border security.

We recommend you never use this to travel or do anything that could lead to a scan.

we recommend you buy a real passport.

Why You Need A Valid Passport

There are several advantages of having an original passport. Firstly, an original passport is a valid and recognized travel document that allows you to travel internationally. It serves as proof of your identity and nationality, which is essential when crossing borders and going through immigration checkpoints.


Having an original passport also enables you to access various services and benefits in your home country and abroad. For example, it is often required when applying for visas, opening bank accounts, or obtaining government services. It can also serve as a form of identification when conducting financial transactions or applying for jobs.


Additionally, an original passport provides you with the freedom to explore different countries and cultures. It allows you to experience new places, meet new people, and broaden your horizons. It also serves as a record of your travel history, which can be a source of pride and memories.


Furthermore, having an original passport can offer you protection and assistance in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances while traveling. Many countries have consulates or embassies that can provide support and assistance to their citizens in case of emergencies, such as lost or stolen passports, medical emergencies, or legal issues.


Overall, having an original passport grants you the freedom to travel, access services, and provides you with a sense of identity and security while exploring the world Myeuropeandocs is here to solve all your passport and other related Official Document problems..Contact Us