Buy Spanish Drivers Licenses without a driving test

Buy Spanish Drivers Licenses without a driving test

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Unraveling Spanish Driving License Categories and Eligibility for Acquisition

many people, getting a license is a crucial step that allows them to
navigate roads with confidence and discover new destinations.
The process for obtaining a driving licence in Spain is regulated according to specific categories and eligibility requirements. Understanding
the Spanish driving licence system is essential, whether you are a
resident of this vibrant country or plan to visit.
This blog will explore the different categories of Spanish driving licences, and the requirements for obtaining them.

Spanish drivers license categories:

1. AM License: This is the category for vehicles and mopeds with a top speed of 45 km/h. You must have at least 15 and pass the theoretical test to obtain an AM licence.

2. A1
Licence: This license is ideal for riders who are interested in
motorcycles that have a power output up to 125cc. Individuals aged 16 or
older can operate motorcycles that have a maximum of 11kW.

3. A2
Licence: This license is for riders aged 18 or older and allows them to
operate motorcycles that have a maximum output power of 35 kW. If the
motorcycle is an electric motorcycle, this can be reduced to 0.2 kW/kg.

4. The A license covers the widest range of motorcycles. You must have attained the A2 licence for two years and be over 20 to qualify. This license allows you to ride any motorcycle, regardless of power output.

5. B License: This category includes passenger cars and vans up to 3,500kg. You must be 18 years of age and pass a theory and practical test to obtain a B License.

6. C License: The C license is needed if you want to drive trucks that weigh more than 3,500 kg. This category includes buses, allowing you to transport up to eight passengers. Drivers must be 21 years of age and have held a B licence for at least two years.

7. D License: This category is designed for drivers who want to drive buses that can transport more than 8 passengers. You must have a B License for two years and be 24 years of age to obtain this license.

Purchase Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications:

For a Spanish license to be issued, you must meet certain criteria. They include:

1. Minimum
Age: Minimum age requirements vary depending on license categories.
They range from 15 years old for an AM license up to 24 years old for a D

2. Health
Certificate: All applicants are required to undergo a health
examination in order to meet the requirements for safe driving.

3. All license categories are required to take a theoretical exam in Spanish. This test tests your understanding of road signs and traffic regulations, as well as your knowledge of traffic laws.

4. Practical Exam: This test is used to evaluate your driving abilities on the road. The practical exam includes a variety of maneuvers and tests that are tailored to each license category.


btain a Spanish license, you will need to navigate through several categories. Each category has its own requirements and eligibility
can make the process of obtaining your Spanish license more efficient
and smooth by familiarizing yourself with all the different license
Always stay informed, be prepared, and prioritize your safety when driving. CONTACT US NOW TO GET YOUR REGISTERED SPANISH DRIVERS LICENSE OF ALL CATEGORIES


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